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Audit & Statutory Compliance

Audit Services
The role of the Auditor as an objective safeguard for the shareholder is perhaps more important than ever.  At Phelan Prescott & Co. we believe in the fundamental importance of the statutory audit process as a support to the financial system and as an essential source of assurance for investors, directors and other stakeholders.

Phelan Prescott & Co’s audit teams use their experience, expertise and our proven audit approach to provide our clients, both in Ireland and internationally, with a highest quality, efficient and cost effective audit service. We believe in the value of audit and believe that we can offer you the assurance of a dedicated, best practice and value for money audit service.

Compliance Services
Phelan Prescott & Co’s provides a full range of compliance services across all tax heads including the preparation of computations and the preparation and submission of returns.  We work with our clients to ensure that tax returns and payments are made in a timely fashion and in a manner which least disrupts clients’ businesses.

Tax compliance dates are constantly changing and the late payment of tax or late filing of returns can lead to the imposition of interest and penalties. Our compliance services are aimed at assisting our clients meet their statutory requirements as well as add value to their business. 

Annual Statutory Compliance

Timely reminder of deadlines
Guideline Minutes for an Annual General Meeting
Annual Return, certificate to accompany the financial statements
Attendance at the Companies Registration Office

Statutory Compliance

Preparation of the Statutory Forms to record corporate change i.e. Change of Directors, Company Name or the alteration of M & As of Association etc
Drafting of necessary resolutions for board or shareholder meetings
Audit Compliance
Accounts Preparation
Taxation Advice & Planning
Acquisitions & Disposals
VAT & Property Tax Matters
Separation & Divorce
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